Sommer Sculpt is deeply meditative, uplifting & balancing.

I’m Sommer-Jess, your Yoga trainer in South Padre Island

Originally hailing from the border town of Brownsville, Texas, Sommer-Jess Gutierrez relocated to the heart of Hollywood in 2014, before going on to study and graduate from the American Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts. Growing up she lived actively, dedicating the majority of her time to competing in pageants and gymnastics, modeling, dancing and cheerleading.

She fell deeply in love with the idea of combining yoga and strength training several years ago, after taking her first Yoga Sculpt class in downtown Los Angeles.

Sommer subsequently achieved her certification in Yoga Sculpt through Corepower, during which she discovered her passion for group fitness after committing to a deep exploration of her craft. Upon completion of this, Sommer pursued a Pilates Matt 1 & Matt 2 certification through Set &

Flow in Los Angeles, where she also began teaching HIIT classes.

In addition to this, Ms. Gutierrez is also NASM certified, and is capable of training clients privately as well as in a group setting. Her infectious energy and motivation will ensure you leave her class realizing the strongest version of yourself not only mentally, but physically as well!

Pressure Relief Points


Sacrum, hipbone and buttock pain can be treated with pressure applied to this point. It’s a tender spot located a hand-width from the sacrum. It’s in the middle of the buttock muscle.

This point also requires some help. It’s in the middle of your back between the hipbone and the rib cage. You can direct someone to find it for you, but you won’t be able to access it yourself. It will help reduce tension in the muscles and relieve pain in the lower back, too.

For a reduction in lower back pain as well as tension in the shoulders, this point is the one that deserves your focus. In the middle of the shoulder blade, you might need some help to apply a finger of pressure here.

Contact Sommer Sculpt

Reach out to Sommer-Jess if you have any questions pertaining to Yoga or Fitness Classes.


Beach Access #20

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