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Sommer Sculpt offers Fitness Classes, Fitness Instructors and Yoga Instructors in South Padre Island, Texas.

Sommer Sculpt


Yoga Sculpt combines the benefits of traditional yoga with the benefits of strength training, developing your endurance and your mobility. Tone your muscles while you relax your mind and regulate your nervous system. Bring awareness to your body, strengthen your bones and joints, and expand your lung function.

Sommer Sculpt Classes

Classes are always changing so you don’t hit a plateau!  A workout plateau occurs when your body adjusts to the demands of your workouts and you stop seeing change in your body. Classes are designed to be tough but tons of fun. With upbeat music and high energy in the air, there is no time to be bored at Sommer Sculpt!


What is Sommer Sculpt?

Think of your traditional Yoga class, but with some spice!! Yoga Sculpt makes you work hard and detox harder.

Yoga Sculpt is a Vinyasa flow using (optional) dumbbells. Choosing to use weights can help you add muscle mass, increase coordination, correct muscle imbalances, and even help you gain strength. You will burn a high amount of calories, and though you might feel like your arms might give up during those Chaturanga’s, you can’t beat the great feeling of accomplishment at the end of a session!

Soothe Body & Soul

Regular yoga practice may reduce levels of stress and body-wide inflammation, contributing to healthier hearts. 

Relax Your Mind

Research shows that a consistent bedtime yoga routine can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Manage Stress

Yoga supports stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and quality sleep.

I’m Sommer-Jess, your Yoga Instructor in South Padre Island

Originally hailing from the border town of Brownsville, Texas, Sommer-Jess Gutierrez relocated to the heart of Hollywood in 2014, before going on to study and graduate from the American Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts. Growing up she lived actively, dedicating the majority of her time to competing in pageants and gymnastics, modeling, dancing and cheerleading.

She fell deeply in love with the idea of combining yoga and strength training several years ago, after taking her first Yoga Sculpt class in downtown Los Angeles.

Sommer subsequently achieved her certification in Yoga Sculpt through Corepower, during which she discovered her passion for group fitness after committing to a deep exploration of her craft. Upon completion of this, Sommer pursued a Pilates Matt 1 & Matt 2 certification through Set &

Flow in Los Angeles, where she also began teaching HIIT classes.

In addition to this, Ms. Gutierrez is also NASM certified, and is capable of training clients privately as well as in a group setting. Her infectious energy and motivation will ensure you leave her class realizing the strongest version of yourself not only mentally, but physically as well!


Sommer Sculpt



Nothing beats the gorgeous sunrise or sunset on South Padre Island and I provide all equipment needed for class.

My classes are always changing so you don’t hit a plateau!  A workout plateau occurs when your body adjusts to the demands of your workouts and you stop seeing change in your body. Classes are designed to be tough but tons of fun. With upbeat music and high energy in the air, there is no time to be bored at Sommer Sculpt!

Yoga Sculpt

 This is a Vinyasa flow workout using (optional) dumbbells and other props to tighten and tone your arms, booty, abs and a small cardio burst to get your heart pumping and blood flowing, a bit of Mat Pilates is added as well!

HIIT Training

During a HIIT class there will be 3 lanes, 3 exercises per lane, and done 3 times through. We will work for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. We will use battle ropes, box jumps, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and resistance bands.

Adding HIIT workouts to your routine will take your fitness to the next level! You’ll be addicted to the results. These HIIT workouts build cardiovascular health, while improving strength, building lean muscle and maximizing calorie burn!

Yoga Sculpt Photos


Sommer’s Yoga sculpt class is amazing! She is so professional and encouraging. Her classes flow with intensity and dynamic moves. Sculpt keeps me fit and in shape for surfing, but is also centering. I love it!”

Jenna L.


Sommer Jess is the type of instructor that not only transforms your body but your mind and soul! She truly knows how to approach her practice to encompass each client’s specific needs and has an extensive track record that translates to your experience with her.

Alix S.


I am new to your yoga class. It has been a challenge to find a teacher that touches the spirit of what yoga means to me. I’ve had many classes but really found myself enjoying the music and of course the view. What else can you want? Yoga on the beach?!? Say no more…… the views are breathtaking!!! I am glad I found this Yoga place. It is what works for my mind and body. I am beyond grateful that I can move slowly in your class allowing my body to discover what it needs in each element. I look forward to learning more and finding out just what my body needs. Can’t wait for my body to Be Sculpted by Sommer!!!

Shayla U.


Sommer is the best yoga instructor I have ever known. Finding the right teacher is of utmost importance to me. Sommer has been nothing but patient and helpful with me. She really has a way of “reading” her students, leaving them all feeling like the class was just for them. She has a gentle way of pushing me to strive for more out of my comfort zone. I’m finally beginning to see my hard work pay off. I love how dumbbells are incorporated into the workouts.

Totally love Sommer and her Vibe! Can’t wait to show off this “Hot Mom Summer Body”

-Paige B.


I found Sommer’s class upbeat, energetic, and challenging coming from a Hatha yoga background.  It really opened my eyes to another form of yoga, which I am grateful for!

Terra V.


Hi, I just came to visit home from Austin Texas & always looking for yoga classes to take while on vacation. I stumbled across Sommer’s Class through mutual friends and OMG! I loved it! Perfect mix of fitness & yoga! I am really happy to see someone like her offer this style in the Rio Grande Valley! She is an amazing teacher and her set up is legit! Thank you, will take class again!

Jacqueline G.


It is both an honor and pleasure to write this testimonial for Sommer-Jess. She is undoubtedly a wonderful and dynamic fitness coach and instructor. She is vibrant, energetic, personable, and will challenge you to go past the limits you thought you had. She is charismatic and you can tell she truly cares about her clients. This is both rare and cherished by everyone that walks into the room she is leading. I have so much enjoyed working with her, and I know if you have the opportunity to be guided by Sommer-Jess, you too will reach your fullest potential!

Violet Grae


Letting go of everything and forgetting the issues would be great. But we all know that’s not real. I look forward to every morning I have a chance to go to yoga on the beach w/ summer. Stretching out on the beach in the sand is amazing. More than that, the sound of the waves and the sun upon your face is the true reason this island is capable of giving us a chance to experience true happiness. It is a workout. This island is more than just a party, it’s a place to clear the mind and party (responsibly). Go to summers yoga on the beach. Feel the sun upon your face and begin your day with a clear mind and a positive mental confidence within yourself! Yoga on the beach with summer wiill provide that. You gotta let it out before you start Wildnout! I hope to see you there…



I absolutely LOVED Yoga Sculpt! As a complete beginner, the class was both challenging and easy to follow along. Sommer is a great instructor who knows how to get you working hard! The location is beautiful, and the best part is getting to relax on the beach after an amazing workout.

Jackie Llanas


I took Sommer’s class and while it was challenging it was also a lot of fun pushing my body and finding out just how the body can adapt under different physical stimuli. As someone who primarily lifts and does cardio being in a state of constant isolation exercises mixed with pulsing movements added a different degree of difficulty than I’m used to. Through it all Sommer was very supportive motivating and inspiring during the process and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her as a teacher. She’s the best!

Richie Swift


Sommer’s classes are fun and challenging. She has great energy and I appreciate her detail for good form!

Fernanda G


Sommer’s sculpt yoga is the perfect way to strengthen and get in touch with your mind, body, and soul!

Avery M


Not only have I lost weight with these classes, but I have made lifestyle changes that I never thought I would make, Sommer’s classes from beginning to end are full of strength, motivation & passion.

Geles R


“Taking Sommer’s Fit & Flow class at my previous studio was one of my favorite workout classes of all time! The way she combines yoga moves into a fast paced workout is unique and challenging. Her positive energy motivates you to achieve an amazing workout!”

Sara S


I really enjoy how Sommer takes control of the room in a way to tend to every individuals fitness level and needs. Her passion shines through each time for class. I always leave her class feeling strong mentally and physically. The addition of dumbbells is perfect for me to gain strength, tighten, and tone!

Araz E


I find myself consistently with a stress and worry on my mind. I am unable to enjoy living in the moment. When attending HIIT yoga, I feel in the moment. An intangible weight is being lifted off my shoulders, while i lift actual weights to strengthen my muscles. Sommer is there for encouragement and guidance throughout the session. Offering advice or repositioning, Sommer brings a radiant energy to the flow. It’s a mind and body type of self-care, I recommend to anybody looking for a new workout or improving their mental health.

Ila R

Book a Beach Yoga Sculp Class

To schedule a session please call/text Sommer at (956) 755-9155 or book online.

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